by Charles Bennett in a new version by Mark Ravenhill

Mercury Colchester March 2022

‘I find myself the third corner in this unusual triangle. The only person in London in a position to inform the waiting world just who was responsible for that violent death. And just who concealed the evidence’.

Who has murdered a famous artist in his Chelsea studio? Who removed a vital clue from the scene of the crime?

Blackmailer Ian Tracy thinks he knows the answers and that shop worker Alice and her policeman fiancée Harold are the perfect victims.

Alice’s fearsome mother Ada is determined to find out the truth.

A long night of secrets and lies awaits them all, and before morning comes, one of them will be dead.


Charles’s Bennett’s smash hit play, adapted for the screen by Alfred Hitchcock, is back in a new version by acclaimed playwright Mark Ravenhill, bringing a modern eye to the twists and turns of a classic thriller.

Cast  Gabriel Akuwudike, Jessie Hills, Lucy Speed, Patrick Walshe McBride

Design  David Woodhead

Lighting  Howard Hudson

Music & Sound  Ben & Max Ringham

Choreography  Arielle Smith

Fights  Alison de Burgh

Casting  Helena Palmer

Produced in association with Simon Friend Entertainment