Grand Hotel

by Luther Davis, George Forrest, Robert Wright and Maury Yeston

Embassy Theatre CSSD March 2017

Europe in crisis, the stock market on the verge of collapse, foreigners mistrusted, paranoia rife.
Amid the fizz, frenzy and frolics, some guests just want to be alone.
Check-in to the Grand Hotel Berlin and party like it’s 1928.

Cast  Ruby Ablett, Joseph Anthony, Niamh Blackman, Ellie Clayton, Matt Concannon, Bradley Connor, Lizzie Dewar, Harry Drummond, Michael Elcock, Noga Flaishon, Josh Forbes, Oscar Garland, Sam Garrioch, Clair Gleave, Mel Gleeson, Dan Greenwood, Amy Elizabeth Hargreaves, Emily Jackson, Ashly Kerkhof, Alexandra Laurence, Mauricia Lewis, Ben Mabberley, Daniel Maley, Curtis Medley, Lewis Murphy Parry, Dixie Newman, Tullia Pagano, Katherine Potter, Boadicea Ricketts, Kibong Tanji, Theo Walker, Kelsey Walsh, Anna Watson, Faye Weerasinghe, Elliott Wooster

Musical Direction   Wendy Gadian

Design  James Cotterill

Choreography  Lynne Thomas

Lighting   Jack Channer

Sound   Curtis Chadwick