The Gap

by Jim Cartwright

Hope Mill Manchester Feb-March 2024

Anthony Banks’s production takes off. Cartwright’s new play fizzes and sparkles but it also stabs your heart and Matthew Kelly and Denise Welch have a ball with the comic opportunities it offers. **** Rachel Haliburton, The Times

A playful production by Anthony Banks is brisk and lightweight with enough of an edge to let the actors show a range that goes from sweet to sour. Played with wit and grit by Denise Welch and Matthew Kelly, they’re an abrasive double act, relishing and resenting their mutual dependency. A study of working-class expediency, the survival of two people who can only take each moment as it comes. Chris Fisher, The Guardian

The audacious adventures of Walter and Corral.

He’s back up north, she’s still down south.
They haven’t seen each other for fifty years, not since their Soho days, back in the swinging ’60s.
A chance phone call reunites them for one magical night and in next to no time, they’re back to their old tricks.

Cast  Matthew Kelly, Denise Welch

Set Design Consultant  Andrzej Goulding

Costume Designer Susan Kulkarni

Lighting Designer Jamie Platt

Music & Sound Ben & Max Ringham

Video Designer Sam Diaz

Choreographer Arielle Smith

Wig Designer Gilly Church

Production Photographer Pamela Raith

Producers Joe Houston, William Whelton

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