Herding Cats

by Lucinda Coxon 

Soho Theatre & Stellar OnDemand May – June 2021

A transatlantic production combining live in-person and streamed theatre. Marking a new type of international collaboration, the production is simultaneously accessible online to audiences across the globe and in person, with social distancing in line with current UK government guidelines, at Soho Theatre.

This production features two actors performing for an in-person audience on Soho Theatre’s stage with a third actor performing live via video from the United States.

Herding Cats is a chillingly funny play about a generation negotiating intimacy and independence in the 21st century. Meeting the demands of modern life is as impossible as herding cats for Justine, Michael and Saddo. To deal with work, Justine talks – a little too much – to her roommate Michael who earns a living by chatting with strangers like Saddo. But all three will soon find that in a cold, disconnected world, words may not be enough.

Cast  Jassa Ahluwalia, Greg Germann, Sophie Melville

Set Design  Grace Smart
Costume Design  Susan Kulkarni
Lighting Design  Howard Hudson
Music & Sound  Ben & Max Ringham
Video Design  Andrzej Goulding
UK Casting  Stuart Burt
US Casting  Taylor Williams

Producer OHenry Productions & Stellar